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We are an Australian community of Betta fanatics based in Brisbane.  Our club is open to anyone who loves bettas - the mighty Siamese Fighting Fish.Whether you are a beginner or advanced hobbyist, love the wild types, fancy strains or the pet bettas, Betta Australis can provide advice and assistance with choosing, keeping, breeding and showing bettas.


Our diverse membership includes people of all levels of experience who breed, show, import and/or keep bettas as pets.  Members encourage and support each other in all activities involving this fascinating species of fish.  The club has members all over Australia, and has established links with many local and international fish and aquarium clubs.








Our Objectives

  • To foster and promote the love of and maintenance, breeding and display of all betta species.

  • To raise public awareness of loss of habitat of wild betta species and

  • The need for maintenance of pure strains of wild betta species.

  • In furtherance to the aims of the club, to affiliate with and/or correspond with kindred organisations.

  • To provide a good platform for friendly, supportive interactions for the benefit of all members and the long term good nature of the club.

Our Committee


Jodi-Lea Matheson

Vice President

Steve Baines


Phillip Harris


To Be Confirmed

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