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Competition TERMS & CONDITIONS >>


  • All competitors are bound by the rules of this competition.

  • All entrants must comply with any direction given by the show stewards and judges.

  • All entered fish must be owned by the competitor at the time of submitting the entry form. Exhibitors cannot act as an agent for other competitors.

  • By entering this competition you automatically give permission to Betta Australis to photograph your fish and to use such

  • photos in any manner.

  • Betta Australis maintains the right to refuse entry to the competition to any competitor, for any reason.





Todd Knight (Head Judge), Emily Molenaar and Greg Ure


Werner Mocke (Head Steward), Phillip Harris and Jodi-Lea Matheson


Schedule   >>

  • Times may vary closer to show date, go to betta Australis Facebook page for up to date details or contact

  • Thursday 9th April (between 2 – 6pm) –  Show Setup (No Fish)

  • Friday 10th April (2pm – 10pm ) – Benching in Fish

  • Saturday 11th April – Judging (9am – 5pm) – (Only Judges & Stewards are permitted inside the show area during Judging) All welcome to view from behind the barrier.

  • Sunday 12th October (9am – 5pm) – Sale of Show fish, all welcome.

  • Sunday 12th October (6pm - 10pm) – Bench out, Show pull down / clean up


Entry FEES   >>

Entry fees for the show will be $4 for Betta Australis club members  $6 for non-members (Wild Pairs and Team Trios count as one entry), Note: $1 from each entry goes to Betta Australis' Charity of choice.

Australian Breeder Challege fish can be entered in more than one class within Open Categories and Aust. Breeders Challege. Team Trios can be shown in separate classes within the show.  Entry fee applies per class entered.


Entry DEADLINE / Entry PAYMENT  >>

  • All entries and accompanying show fees must be submitted by no later than Thursday April 9th, 2015 

  • Entry Forms to be emailed to or handed to one of the stewards.

  • Payment to be made by Direct Bank deposit to Betta Australis Bank Account or cheque/cash.  Please make cheques payable to Betta Australis Inc. Club.

  • (Please note Paypal payment is not available)

  • Westpac Bank

  • Account Name: BETTA AUSTRALIS INC 

  • BSB: 034033 

  • Account Number: 275268


Australian ENTRIES   >>

  • All Australian competitors who cannot bench in their own Betta may send their entries to Jodi-Lea at Fishchick Aquatics.  Please email to arrange shipping and handling.

  • Show entrants shipment must arrive on Thursday 9th April or Friday 10th October 2015 before 1pm. 

  • If you require your fish to be returned after the show, please fill in the appropriate section on the entry form and payment for return shipment is to accompany entry form. 

  • There is no auction at this show.  Entries will be offered for sale on the Sunday.  Please indicate your sale price on the entry form.

  • Please note there is a 20% commission to Betta Australis club on all fish sold.  

  • For further details, contact or

  • No private sales of fish at show. All sales must go through Show stewards / BA Treasurer.


International ENTRIES   >>

  • Arrangements can be made for International entries. 

  • Please contact Jodi-Lea Matheson for further details

  • Please note – International entries cannot be returned due to export cost and restrictions, but can be sold.  

  • There is a 20% commission on all fish at the show which will be donated to Betta Australis Charity of choice.


Judging STANDARDS   >>

Betta Australis show will be judged under a new trial standard, developed in collaboration with Thai, Singaporean and Australian Betta specialists. 


Eligibility   >>

  • Betta Australis reserves the right to refuse persons show entry without reason.

  • Open Classes: (A – E) This show is open to all participants from anywhere and with any Betta fish, however there is a space limit of 250 fish. First in best dressed. 

  • Because of limited space available preference will be given to entries in the following order: Australian BA members, International BA Members then non BA Members. 

  • Maximum of 30 fish entered per person preferred.  

  • Space has been allocated by Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Center for the Betta Show and therefore limited space is available.


Wild BETTA   >>

  • (Class F) Must be shown in Pairs Only (Male/Female).

  • Fish may be shown together or in separate containers/tanks.

  • Minimal Plant matter may accompany the fish.

  • Exhibitors may supply their own water for wilds but must be colourless or minimal tannins present.


Australian BREEDERS Challenge   >>

  • Category (H) (Australian Bred Fish Only). 

  • The entered Betta must be one the exhibitor has personally bred and raised. No purchased or acquired fish are eligible to be entered in this category. Ideally, a minimum of 3 fish from any one spawn must be shown in Category H.  Those competitors unable to bench in 3 fish from the one spawn must be prepared to provide the stewards with evidence supporting the claim that the fish are “own bred” if such evidence is required.

  • BA reserves the right to ask for ID and evidence of any entrant and show entry.

  • Competitors unwilling or unable to provide such evidence may have their entries disqualified.

  • H7 – Breeder Team must be a combination of 2 males and 1 female, or 2 females and 1 male from the same spawn.

  • Any fish from classes H1-H7 may also be entered into the open classes, provided the extra entry fee is paid.  Please ensure this is CLEARLY stated on the entry form.


Fish SALES   >> 

  • For this show, Entrants (local and Interstate)and Betta Australis will be selling fish that entrants nominate for sale. 

  • During the Open Public Day Sunday 12th April, stewards will have a book available to record expressions of interest for fish available for sale. 

  • Please note, there will be a 20% commission to Betta Australis Club on all fish sold, that will be donated to Betta Australis' Charity of choice

  • Reserve prices on fish for sale to be confirmed with show stewards before Sunday.

  • Any International entrant not sold at the sales after the show will be available from Fishchick Aquatics.


Sale TIMES   >>

  • Sunday 12th April 2015.  

  • Collect of fish purchased is between 9am – 4pm Sunday 12th April 2015, or by arrangement.


Hope to see you at the Show!!

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